India's Most Comprehensive guide on Sports Shooting

India's First and Most Comprehensive guide to Sports Shooting, bundled with enormous knowledge, insights and experience on various events, fundamentals to start, requirements to grow, and necessities to master the sport. Three decades of experience, thankful mentoring of numerous seniors and coaches, apt thought on deeper insights with a complete Indian Context is brought in 300+ pages of meticulously planned guide. 10X - The Book encompasses all requirements of a beginner, an enthusiast and a seasoned shooter with explnatory images and numerous bits of information & tips for every Indian Sports Shooter.

Why are rules so important?

Unlike most other sports, Shooting requires an extreme level of concentration and focus, which should be in line with several rules and conditions that have been accepted as standard practice all over the world. Therefore, even the most minutest aspect likedistance between a table and line to other important factors of minimum light conditions, play a very important role. Shooting Enthusiasts should completely understand all the safety norms, the rules and practice these from day one. This will allow them, in good time, to completely focus on their shooting technique, without being handicapped with changing conditions.
To make it simpler, of a cricket bowler is used to playing in a 20 yard pitch and has to suddenly compete in a 24 yard pitch, his/her technique focus is suddenly lost with the changed ground conditions. Similarly, and therefore, it is imperative that all proper rules are first understood and the shooter is well aware of possibilities from initial grooming.
Shooting also needs a comprehensive awareness of techniques and such, which every shooter must slowly experiment and adapt to. Without these foundation steps, many shooters who seem to show initial rise will soon hit a glass ceiling because of improper fundamental inclucation. They will then have to 'Unlearn' before they learn changes to their rhythm and techniques.
10X - The Book, clearly and consisely explains the several nuances of the sport, in a hand-holding manner of presentation of information in its several chapters. As the reader' curiosity grows, so does the right awareness, techniques and direction, in ensuring one chooses the right event and the right method of growth, fully aware of all the what to do's and what not to.